What is happening to my hometown? Another shooting in Paris......

Time flies

Has it been nearly a year since I posted hear. Many things have occurred in the past year but not directy regarding energies focused on France. I will have to up the ante or drop the site.

What to do?

La cuisine

Recently I had to buy a new dishwasher and fridge. I so wanted to buy the upscale and pricey appliances but opted instead for a resonalbe choice. This got met to thinking about a wonderful cook I know. She has a very tiny kitchen with minimal counter space. The oven is very old, her fridge is old and small. There is only a small freezer section on top. She does have a large but old freezer in her garage for overflow. Up until a few years ago she  had no dishwasher.

Where is my focus

After several years of looking at this site and wondering what to do with it I finally have figured it out. What I want to say on this blog. It is somewhat what I thought but from a differnet aspect. So going forward I will writing more frequently as I remember what I am passionate about. Stay tuned..........

Sad again

Here we go again.....bombings. This time in Belgium. What is wrong with these people that do. Kill and maim under the guise of religion. Sorr for them as they will rot in hell for all eternity.


More effort this year....some postings.


My dear Paris my heart is so sorry for the tragic events of Friday.


A question



Recently a comment was made regarding happiness. This got me to thinking about what makes me happy and if I am happy. Imagine my surprise when after some thought I realized that I am happy and that happiness is not coming from the things I thought would bring me happiness. My happiness came to me when I quit looking for it.

No response and new idea needed

No response as yet to my querry regarding information.

New idea needed for the use of this blog. When I started this was to be a place for me to keep motivated for a move to France. Time has past and I am still in the same place. In that time my wants and desires have changd. The blog has remained pretty musch the same...a place to wish and dream. Wishes and dreams are not reality.

Committment or committed?

Starting the process of obtaining a French visa. Wonder how that will go?


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