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Still thinking


Still pondering over the direction I want to take this little of mine. As there really isn't too much activity I guess I will no longer concern  myself with whether anyone reads it or not.

My original purpose was to use this as a place to record the steps needed to make a move to France. So much has changed since the beginning. My focus is not the same any more. Even the direction I was headed last year is not on my agenda now.

In the interim and while I look for a clearer focus I am using this blog as a means of imagining I am in France.

My biggest focus now is to find an apartment to rent in Paris next year. I will be going there and for a month I will be a Parisienne. Have you ever stayed somewhere else for a short period? Some place you wanted to be and you could pretend it was where you lived permanently. How did you find your place? Did it eventually lead you to be there permanent? Did you not like? Was your dream in reality a nightmare. Let me know your thoughts.

This little vignette in the picture my dining room buffet. The large platter I shipped back from Florence. The pictures are from a local antique  store. There are nothing valuable but I like them and they have a French theme. You can barely see the bits of pottery I brought back from Provence carefully tucked in my luggage. Later I discovered the same items from the same villages in local T.J. Max store. No more bringing it back.

For a time I will be off and on this sight infrequently while I try to assemble rambling thoughts.


Readership follows content. If it doesn’t interest you, why would you believe it would interest anyone else?

If your focus has changed, tell is what it has become. Scale it down to nearer goals. Tell us how you go about looking for that apartment. Link to rental sites, show us pictures of what X dollars rents in Paris.

Tell us what you are doing domestically to prepare. Talk about worries and concerns over family and kitties. Muse over the reasons you still want to conduct this experiment.

Don’t be shy. It’s your blog. Tell your story.