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Le Facade


One of my posters stated that I should not be shy what I post. This is true, it my blog and if it is not pleasing or interesting to you don't visit it.

I am still looking for what I want this blog to be. At first I hoped that people would find it and write comments but it does that I haven't exactly found the key to pique the general public's interest. So that makes me decide that I am or should write what I feel and not what I think might interest someone else.

I have some ideas and those will be thrown on this blog. If happen to catch one and want to comment...great. If not...heh!

I love being in France, I love French design. I don't live now so what is the best way to Frenchify my life? Beyond food and wine, and art and interior design how do I Frenchify?   Do you have an idea? Something beyond what is normal?

Possibly I need to get out of my house more and see what is in the world around me4. I have become too housebound.

So adieu for today.....I am out of here.


We can do things to get you traffic and attract some comments. But it all starts with content.

Don’t hide your lamp under a basket.