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                                        This picture has nothing to do with my subject today. I just needed something summerlike.


It is the middle of winter (2/13/13) Ash Wednesday, the begriming of Lent. What does this mean? For me again it is a time for challenges, things that I have decided to try to help me achieve my goal(s). Some of these challenges I have done before and know I can do them again. One or two others are new to me this year. And you say so what has this got to do with my focus on France? I am not sure but by the time Easter rolls around I hope to have some idea.

Where do I start. One of new challenges this year is to write 500 words a day. So I will be back on this site more. Even with knowing my where my focus(I am getting a little tired of the word) just writing will help.

I have several blogs that I follow....all are French inspired. The sites are for the most part very pretty. My site here is quite plain. I don't know enough about building a fancy blog site but perhaps I can use this as a means of learning a bit. I will need some advise my tech consultant on how to get started.

For me as has been stated before I cannot travel to France frequently and I don't live. Yet...okay so I still think that might happen. At this point I can only do simple things in my life to make me feel more like I am living the French lifestyle. I have the idea of food and wine down pretty good in my head. I need to make those ideas active and not just dreams.

The past few years have been spent with some ideas that never came to fruition. Lately I have taken steps to remedy that. Example; I have always loved art....that was my major. For nearly forty years I have done nothing with it.and I mean nothing. To the point that a comment was made to me that even in boring business meetings ( and I sat through a lot of those) I never doodled. When I decided to make a new life it became apparent that art had to be part of it. I cleaned out an area in my home and made a temporary art loft. It is filled with a nice bit of art supplies, paper, pencils, paints, easel, light, books anything that gets me to pick up that brush or pencil and put something on paper. It has been a successful endeavor because I actually painted something. Not well done or complete but it is paint on paper. And the most amazing thing happened when I made my little painting. I was HAPPY!  No I was more than happy..I felt my spirit lift. Was it the paint on paper? The fact that I was sitting in the sunshine in my little loft? What was it? French and Italian music was playing, was that what made so happy? I should like to be painting en plein air in France.  It doesn't matter that I will never be famous. The only important thing is that it can make feel better.

One or two of my other goals I will share later. In the meantime I think I should get back to my easel and try to start another picture. Shall I work again with acrylics or try some watercolors. I don't know, a charcoal sketch or maybe pen and ink. Which option?


Begin a study of a favorite subject using several different media. Do the final potrait in the medium which feels most natural and expressive.