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These little items are some of my treasures from travels. They are not all from France because treasures can be found anywhere.

The pottery napkin holder I brought back from Mexico. One of my earliest trip and one that I traveled with friends and not family. I had to bargain with the Mexican guy to get  my best deal, In the end if you are happy and they are happy it is a good deal.

The pewter salt cellar is from Williamsburg. It was used in the colonies because they didn't have silver as available. Williamsburg is lots of fun and very interesting. The colonists lived with as much style as they could. Interesting to note is Williamsburg blue in paint colors has been created with the soft tones you fine. Reality is the color was actually very vibrant when newly painted. We just assumed they used more muted and faded tones,

The little blue jar is a honey pot. It has never had honey in it, It was made locally. I bought it at a street fair. One of my first pottery purchases which started my love affair with potter. Maybe someday I will put honey. I always think an object  should be used as intended for the most part. I do use a lot of honey.

Lastly is the butter dish. It is a child's dish so they can have their bit  of beurre. A friend bought it for me because she I was looking for a French butter dish. I have this one now and I quit looking for one.  She is a kind woman and I will always have this a memento,

What are your special things?


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