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One goal, two paths or is it?





I feel betwixt and between. Having taken some time off from these little postings of my thoughts and musings I discovered that perhaps this little blog is not serving it's purpose. I am giving consideration to closing it down. Which is fine as I appear to be the only one who sees it.

But the biggest problem is that I really no longer am focused only on France. By that I mean I have a lot of interests. France remains one of my biggest and most pleasurable. I read many blogs from folks who also are focused on France.  The biggest difference is that they are able to go there a lot more than I can. Their blogs are full of photos of trips here and there in France. My pictures are from my if I am lucky one trip a year. Do I have enough information to put out a fancy Francey blog. Not when I look at theirs. I have the time but not the finances to travel there as frequently as I would like to. So where does that leave me and my interests?

Maybe I would better served if I focused on all things French.......I can do that without hopping on a plane every other month or actually living in France. So here I sit trying to decide. I know it can be said just do it.

Which path do I choose? The rugged unpaved one or the smoother easier path? Do both lead to the same final goal? Je ne sais pas!


It seems that over the past few years, you have been focused on all things French. Maybe there are more than two options.

It is a cruelty of life that we must regret the path not taken. But if you are not focused on France, will you just be scattering your attention across unsatisfying and ephemeral trifles?

Perhaps you would enjoy writing a more general blog. France and Frenchitude can be regular topics, but you can also weigh in on the several other secondary interests which attract you.

If we all compare ourselves to Shakespeare and Churchill, we will never get off the couch. The only one you have to best is yourself. The greatest regret is taking no path at all.