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A question



Recently a comment was made regarding happiness. This got me to thinking about what makes me happy and if I am happy. Imagine my surprise when after some thought I realized that I am happy and that happiness is not coming from the things I thought would bring me happiness. My happiness came to me when I quit looking for it.

What does make me happy? It is getting up in the morning and knowing that I am on my own time schedule. There is nowhere I need to be at at a time someone else decided. I enjoy going down in the morning to my sun room even though I need to pick up the junk left about from the night before. Takes about 20 seconds. Then to the kitchen and fix my coffee. While it brews my four-legged companions announce they are waiting for breakfast and could I hurry up a bit. The satisfied purrs when there meal is put down for them makes me feel good.

My coffee is made and back to the sun room to enjoy the morning. A good book or magazine to peruse, glances into the backyard area for wildlife......some times it is squirrels and birds, other times I see deer, geese and ducks, possum, lots of butterflies, dragonflies and when I am really lucky. a fox. I smile and enjoy. It is even better when the sun is out and better still when I can enjoy mu coffee outside.       

Other times it is the walk whether down the busy Galaxie Ave or a walk through one of the many parks available here. A glum day is quickly remedied by a walk. Or a gorgeous sunset.

Sometimes it is music that fills my soul and lifts my spirit.

But what I discover happiness is not is....having lots of money, or a new car or clothes or other material things. It really is the spirit inside of me that is my happiness and it is triggered by the simplest things.

And when I stopped looking for found me.