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La cuisine

Recently I had to buy a new dishwasher and fridge. I so wanted to buy the upscale and pricey appliances but opted instead for a resonalbe choice. This got met to thinking about a wonderful cook I know. She has a very tiny kitchen with minimal counter space. The oven is very old, her fridge is old and small. There is only a small freezer section on top. She does have a large but old freezer in her garage for overflow. Up until a few years ago she  had no dishwasher. She still has no microwave, food processer, panini grill, crockpot, waffle iron, salad spinner, mandolin, convection oven or any really  fancy gadget that seems so important in the dream kitchens of today. Yet she turns out the most spectacular and tasty meals from her humble kitchen. 

Her utensils are her paintbrushes and her pot and pans her canvases. She cares for them lovingly. They too are old but look almost new. They are used nearly every day. She has basic cookware, nothing special or one type of use only. Each item needs to be able to perform several functions. They are handwashed and dried with care. And put away to await their next call.

She also never uses low-fat anything. Full fat all the way. She watches the amount of sugar and salt in whatever she makes. She  used olive oil before it was a trend and butter to enhance flavor not to smear in big blobs over everything. She believes in making food look appealing but not  a work of art. In her words art belongs in a musuem not on a plate. Let the food speak for itself. Well prepared it doesn't need more than being presented in it's own glory. Parsley is her main decoration.

So it is not about the appliances or the size of a kitchen but it is about the talent of the chef that is in the kitchen.