Les roses





These little items are some of my treasures from travels. They are not all from France because treasures can be found anywhere.

The pottery napkin holder I brought back from Mexico. One of my earliest trip and one that I traveled with friends and not family. I had to bargain with the Mexican guy to get  my best deal, In the end if you are happy and they are happy it is a good deal.

Le change


I just finished reading this book. A very interesting and informative book about Paris. It has changed my thinking and dreaming. Paris is not what I thought. There is a huge history going back further that the United States. The author took different leaders such as Henry IV and Napoleon to name two and how Paris changed with these leaders.


This photo has nothing to do with my thoughts today.

i originally started this blog with the idea that maybe a few people would respond hopefully in a helpful manner. That has not been the case, However I have also not used this in the manner originally intended. I need to be accountable...if I start a plan or an idea comes to mind it needs to be carried through.




Le reve


Unending winter or je deste le hiver


Winter has been incredibly cold and very long this year. It is not over yet. I have been passing time painting and cooking.

les colours


Although it is difficult to see the beauty of color in this photo I love these colors. Been trying to decide what color changes I need to make in my house. I have been loving/living with Provencal yellows and blues for a long time. I need a change.

The Statement Necklace

                                      I do not know if statement necklaces are as big in France as they are in the US at the moment. Trying to stay somewhat on top of what is in fashion and trying to keep my focus on the French style here are some jewels I found in jewelry box. Some I have had for many, many years and others are relatively new.



Thinking green..


Snowstorm today....not a blizzard but I am thinking spring.

Will be back later with some thoughts and a return to cooking school. In the meantime I will be making good old-fashioned American ooey-gooey brownies.


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