Happy New Year!

That's all for now.......soon....

Au retour






On hiatus until after the Holidays......hopefully there will be more enthusiasm in the future.


Cooking in Paris

Lovely produce at the market


       So many cheeses to chose.                                                           

The potager du roi

                                                      For the next few entries I am going to be writing about various things French from my last trip. This was a different kind of vacation. It was more like being a Parisienne for a couple of weeks. Tourist adventures were limited. That said I am beginning with one of the most famous of French sites...Versailles with a different point of view. I did not visit the palace but instead went to the fruit and vegetable garden which is not always open to the public. It was the first of two cuisine classes that I took.

City of Light


Here I am returned from 2 weeks in the city of light. A different vacation this time as I was not doing this as a tourist. Only a few museums. mostly paying attention what it means to be a Parisienne. And what it take to live in Paris...attitude not just money.

To stay or not




I leave for Paris in less than 2 weeks. Most everything I need outside of packing is done. Packing will be done the day before I leave. Nothing I hope will be left until the last  minute. I want to relax on the day of the flight.

Not quite France


This house in the side of the bluff reminds me of the troglodyte dwelling in France. This one actually was a wine and cheese cave in McGregor, Ia. We were there for the 4th of July staying in little B&B below.

This place is  not quite France but I could pretend for a few days.


Le sac


My entries this summer have been rather sporadic or not at all. Summer arrived so late I am behind on all the summer activities.

One of those late things this year is the farmers markets that are in various parts of the city. They only opened in the past few weeks and the produce available is quite limited. Even so going to these markets is one of the pleasures of my summer. So.......

Le petite dejuener



A lovely sunny morning, time to enjoy a little breakfast on my patio.


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