Make it your self




J'adore Paris anytime.


Good news...I will be going to Paris this September. Reservations are confirmed. We will be staying quite near the Eiffel Tower and right on the Seine. Two weeks in the City of Lights. That lifts my spirit. Maybe I won''t be so crabby.

Forever the red, white and blue

Yes, I am a great lover of nearly all things French. I consider Paris my hometown. Your hometown is the not always the place you were born but where you feel your heart and soul are. After the terrible events in Boston my heart and soul have had a pull. No matter how much I want to live part time in France I will forever be an American. And damn proud of it.

So long


It has been a long time since I have written. I wish I could say it was because something wonderful has happened but it is mainly pure laziness on my part. That and no big changes going on.



I am tired of talking so much about living in the same area as the Tour Eiffel resides. My kitties have found their own place under the Tower.








What a shock it was to discover that I have a PLAN! Finally things came together in my head and my plan made sense and I realized I could achieve this. What made possible it was the acceptance of a change that better suits my wants and desires.

Beginning to see the light


A recent comment on a previous post seemed to be quite harsh. After I thought about it for awhile I could accept the comments. That being said the reason it was acceptable was because I am further along on the road to France than I realized. But the comment did make me move on my dime again.

What if......


A little house in in France?   No.....


I keep telling myself that I must do this, that or the other thing in order to be happy. I must go to France, I need to paint or draw. I want to eat French food in France and drink in France. I want to be in France. And it doesn't seem to be happening.


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