This picture has nothing to do with my subject today. I just needed something summerlike.


Nothing yet


6 days into the new year and nothing is bubbling in my brain. If I don't find something soon I am afraid my brain will be frozen with ice carrots just like this picture. There is some hope...a golden glow on the horizon. Gimme time and it will come to me.

What do you suggest?

No light


It is New Year's Eve and it seems that we have not been able to find a way to avoid a fiscal cliff. No light at the end of the tunnel....

My response? They don't care to get the job done, just want to have their way. So I say fire the lot of them. Their job was to find a solution or the way to reach a solution...they have not as yet and the clock is running out. I would have gotten the axe if I didn't do my job.

To make merry



                                                                              My Christmas tree this year....outside because of the two furry four-legged critters that need to inspect everything up close and personal.




                          My feeling is like this picture.....a little blurry and out of focus.


I just am having a hard time right now getting into the upcoming holiday spirit. Maybe getting a tree tomorrow will help with lagging holiday spirits.



Apple season... I should make another tart.



Do they celebrate Halloween in France? Yes much more than before. I don't celebrate much myself......BOO!!!




                                                                                  Spooooky eyes!



    Is there a blockage to my dreams?


                                                                                        Is everything crashing down?


Still cloudy

i still am not sure what to do with this site. There have been comments and suggestions and I am evaluating them. My thinking is still like this photo. On the upside there are no dark clouds but a bit of light in the clouds.

Thanks for your input.


One goal, two paths or is it?






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