Vision in the process of being corrected. Soon things will be in focus again. From what I have seen so far I hope my focus will continue to improve.

A bientot!



You may have noticed that this blog has not been very active lately. I am on hiatus for a time as I tend to some other issues. I still am focused and I still have a primary objectice. When some of these issues are addressed and fixed I shoud be focused even better.

In the meantime please enjoy this bouquet of roses.....very inexpensive and they are lasting a long time. Beautiful, non?


Sticky and chaud


This has been such an incredibly hot and sticky summer that I have been unable to sit outside and enjoy my little pink bistro table. My lovely plants that were just starting out when this was taken are now baking in the sun every day. they thirstily drink up water every day. Mother Nature has not provide much and when she does it is generally of epic proportions in a short period of time.









"Find something you're passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it." 

Quote from Julia Child.




Another week has gone by and I am no further to my goal. I have spent a lot of time thinking about how to get to my goal. Then I realized I am no longer sure of what my real goal is. That is what I need to define. I think I know but I am not positive.

I will be starting with a spread sheet of what I want and what is not acceptable. My belief is that I will be able to achieve what I want when I figure it out.

Le Facade


One of my posters stated that I should not be shy what I post. This is true, it my blog and if it is not pleasing or interesting to you don't visit it.

Le Reve


One of the little black and furry tornadoes that moved in with my has decided to take a nap and dream of France. He is sleeping on a rooster pillow. The pictures he is dreaming under are of starting at the top....a field of rape seed in Normandy, a doorway I visited every time I go to Eze and finally the beautiful village of Gordes.

Still thinking


Still pondering over the direction I want to take this little of mine. As there really isn't too much activity I guess I will no longer concern  myself with whether anyone reads it or not.

My original purpose was to use this as a place to record the steps needed to make a move to France. So much has changed since the beginning. My focus is not the same any more. Even the direction I was headed last year is not on my agenda now.

Le chat noir


These two little bundles of energy have joined my household. Brother and sister that are wearing me out. Six months old and way too curious. I have had little time for anything other than trying to get them to adjust to a new home. They however have made it clear who is the boss!

My mind is full of kitty antics and I have not been focusing on France. I did tell these noir kitties that they may have to move to France. They considered that and agreed.


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