Je ne regrette rien


Listening to music today that brings back a lot memories........some sad, mostly good....wouldn't really change anything.



To eat good food

Daisies are as lovely as roses.



Le vivre






This is again another place I like to walk. It is simple and formed only by what Mother Nature provides. There is no fancy garden here. Which got me to thinking.

Happy Easter


Just to send out a note of Happy Easter to everyone.

May no one bite off the ears of your chocolate bunny, leave you any licorice jelly beans, and hope you find all your hidden Easter eggs.

Happy Day

Le cafe


Sunday was a beautiful warm day. it was an appropriate time to make some fair trade organic coffee in my French press and sip it in the sun on my little patio. Sitting on my pink chair. It was so nice that I even grabbed my sketch book and sketched for a goodly amount of time.

Le pont


Continuing the thought process of the fork in the road.....

Perhaps when I finally figure out which direction I will take then I can feel that I crossed a bridge my life. Not that there haven't been bridges and forks in the road before. But this is the first time in a long time that I will making the decision and crossing the bridges ahead by myself.

Les fourches des routes

Lebanon Park., Apple Valley, Mn. This a 2000 acre park in a little suburb.


This picture seems to symbolize a point that I have come to in my life. A fork in the road. Which path do I take? One road is flat and the other is a rise. I do not know what is down the paths. Do I choose the one that seems easy in the beginning or the one that starts on ah uphill climb?  What lies ahead on each path?

Le chat

Taz, the big Maine Coon

I am watching you!

Really I am just a big puff ball!


L'ete passe

Picture at an outdoor cafe 2011


We had a beautiful weekend, nearly perfect weather. Today is rainy and cooler. At least no flakes are falling. Too warm for that.


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