Strasbourg, France




Here is the problem with these photos......I can't remember the theme I had in mind. It must be a senior moment. So in the interim enjoy the photos of the lovely cathedral in Strasbourg, France.

le hiver vs l'ete


Oh I wish it were summer and I could be sitting outside on my pretty pink table. But no today is full of slushy snow and gray and damp. Another month or so and I can be out there. In the meantme I will have to settle for memories.

Nothing else to say......

How about you?


In my Lenten resolutions this year I made the decision to walk every day weather permitting.  The weather has not been really bad but has been chiller that I like. Thus I haven't fulfilled this part of my endeavor.


This picture has nothing to do with topic today. Just makes me feel like spring.

Le beaute

These pictures are just to show that a beautiful scene can be in the most humble of places. This a favorite walking trail of mine in the winter. Even the bare branches and golden weeds are beautiful against a blue sky and reflected in even bluer water.

Sometimes I need to remember that I don't have to be in France to find nature's beauty.

Les blahs


Outside my window today. Somehow the grey day has stolen my spirit. It is the apres midi and I can't seem to get started. All I am doing is dreaming about the sunny south of France. I know it gets rainy and cloudy and the mistral blows but if I could snuggle up in a blanket by a roaring fire with a glass of wine and good book it would be better. Whether I am here or there.

I will go and think of spring flowers instead.

Soupe a l'oignon

Which bowls should I use for my onion soupe? I think the white ones with the handle.


Even though today the sun is bright and the sky is showing off it's winter blue it is still very cold out. For our northern climate it has been quite a warm winter with a lack of snow. (Thank you). Today's chill reminds me that in fact it is still winter. What is better on cold winter night than a bowl of warming soupe. And what is much simpler than onion soup?



Rainbow over my house.

Notice the grey sky. And then colors in the rainbow. I feel really grey right now. I need a rainbow in my life. I am going in search of one.

If you look really close it is a double rainbow. I will settle for one arc-en-ciel.

Summer in winter

Summer in crystal

Summer in simple white




It is in the middle of what has been a very easy winter. Until last week when the temperature took a nosedive and some snow fell and has stayed around. It messed with my focus. I spent some suffering from PLOM disease(Poor Little Old Me). Or as someone else said "The itty bitty shitty committee has taken over.


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