The Golden Arches

Place Stanilas, Nancy, by Annick Pratbernon


Alright so I am thinking about what to fix for dinner. I am not inspired to do any cooking. Just feeling kind of lazy. There is certainly food in the house that I could prepare. First I have to find the energy to it. Alas the energy is gone.

Chez moi?

Could this be my house in France?  I wish it were.  It is what i am looking for...something that I could put my stamp on. So many possibilities,  so many ideas to dream about. This is a beige box that stirs my heart and my creative juices. It has good bones and needs some love and care. Not to dilapidated, the roof looks good....what town is it in? Do they have a boulangerie, a patisserie, a weekly market? Is there a friendly bistro, a sand court for a game of boules?

Au-dessous-de Chez Moi

 These are some of the Roman ruins discovered  underneath the Notre Dame in Paris.


Le Printempts

Leftover holidays


We are now going into the heart of winter where I live. The days are short and the nights long. We have been lucky to enjoy incredibly warm weather but it is now changing.

Yesterday we paid a visit to one of our zoos that also has a conservatory with it. It was wonderful to walk thru the green house and see all the tropical plants. There were some leftovers from the holiday display of poinsettias still showing off their seasonal color.

Le Reve

This is what I am afraid is around the corner weatherwise.


This is what I want to see weatherwise.


Which one do you prefer?

Les clouds


Somehow this is what my brain seems like today. After starting out bad it never got any better. These clouds were not in France but in my own backyard. They were in my head.  It would not have mattered where they were. Today I could not find my focus.

I can't allow clouded judgment to interfere with what I am to do. Others judgments can not affect me. i must (in the favorite vernacular I hear lately) soldier on.

The Vines in Champagne

Photo by Annick Pratbernon

A Bowl of New Year's Light


Wishing everyone a bright and sparkling new year.

Look for changes and updates on this sight.

What are you doing for the new year?

Christmas lights


Wishing all of you a merry holiday......joyeux Noel...


This tree is huge and sets close to a main highway. There are more than 43000 lights on the tree. More than on the Eiffel tower.  It is a wonderful greeting to all who pass by. I wish my picture could truly show the amazing light from this tree.

Have a safe and happy holiday.

A Bowl of New Years Bright


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